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Lea Karrasch

Balanced, result driven, resourceful and capable bavarian native – Lea Karrasch, Product Design Student, works on creating sustainable and circular design solutions for emerging future innovations.

Since 4 years she is dedicates her work to Material Research of Bioplastics and to concept development for positive impact change. By designing things-products, packaging, and systems from the very beginning, Lea renders visible the hopes and dreams of a world where waste equals food.


Since 1966, Istituto Europeo di Design has been providing academic training in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication and Management at its centres in Italy, Spain and Brazil. 

Following the IED’s philosophy to apply the design process as a tool for innovating and improving people’s lives, the IED Barcelona leads students on a unique journey through good design, ethically and socially responsible.

Seaweed – 100% Biopackaging

8 Mio tons of plastic packaging per year are becoming a major danger for the world seas. The replacement of standard plastic by bioplastic in the packaging industry may be a core step towards sea protection and conservation of resources. Within this project, three very different packages used in the every day life were subject for substitution with bioplastic: 1) consumer package (shampoo bottle), 2) food package (pastry wrap) and 3) Single Use Bio Gloves

1) The beginning of the project aimed to a shampoo container based on seaweed taking advantage of its extensive growths and global availability. Various recipes have been explored to obtain appealing color, its sample shape and stability. After use the biological ingredients allow direct composting or being a valuable fertilizer in ones garden.

 2) A further exploration within the food contact material spectrum led to surprising results. Seaweed is 100% edible and considered as healthy. Taking local available resources into account, gelatin, a waste product of the meat industry was used as an alternative with similar properties. Adding color, scent and flavor the package itself can even extend the product offering e.g. being consumed as a nutritious snack, be solved in hot water for some delicious hot drink and is becoming a 0 waste packaging for food.

3) The High Potential of Seaweed for Bioplastics gives the planet great opportunity for more circularity within the consumer world. A third Project has been developed, designing Single-Use Compostable Gloves for Covid-19 impacted Stores & Supermarkets. People with a lack of resources, can download recipes and create their own. The algae gloves help to fertilize soil and give valuable nutritions to gardens and is not only zero waste but 100& Circular (Cradle2Cradle).