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Food Design at Elisava

Food Design is a relatively new discipline in the field of design. With many different definitions, all of which
are optimal and valid, but still not very agreed upon and concrete, Food Design has grown over the last
few years and is here to stay. More and more designers are dedicated to this discipline in order to design
the future of the act of eating. What do we eat, how do we know it, where do we eat it, what do we eat
with? ….

At Elisava, we understand Food Design as the discipline that unites gastronomy and design from all areas.
In this sense, we identify the synergies that are being produced between design schools and gastronomy
schools and we lead the challenge of introducing the union of gastronomy and design in the project
learning of Food Design. This is the starting point for the final degree work in Food Design in which Elisava
collaborates with EspaiSucre bakery school.

The students of both schools work and create together to
devise new gastronomic experiences based on sustainability, democratization and the future of food led by
Xano Saguer and Mariana Eidler.

De la terra a la taula

Agro proposes an educational way to enter the world of haute cuisine through an immersive process where the user acquires knowledge through a culinary experience in the markets of Barcelona.

The project enters the field of social and sustainable design as it proposes to encourage the dynamics of the markets as well as to raise awareness and give relevance to the consumption of local and seasonal products. It is
also about sustainable design, using the waste from products that are not sold to create materials with which to make useful objects.

The service works in the following way: through an application, the public signs up for workshops where a chef teaches them to cook seasonal dishes with the products that are too mature to be sold.

Many times a very mature or bruised product is difficult to sell but nevertheless maintains its taste and nutritional properties with what can be used for cooking.

The second part of the workshop is carried out with the residues of the cooked food where we experiment with materials giving value to sustainability and the
circular economy.

With this experience, the aim is to raise awareness among users so that they can subsequently improve their eating habits and become more conscious when buying, cooking and consuming food.

In this project the students participating are the ones as follows: service (the whole team of TFG Food Design), the identity (Marta Torras), the design of the space in the markets (Belén Jiménez and Anna Grau), the design of material created based on waste (Berta Daina) and a sample menu of what could be cooked created by the pastry chef of EspaiSucre Maialen Etxeberria Lopez de Zubiria.